Episode 3 of LOVERS IN THE FOG podcast series. The passionate encounter between Luke Forsythe and Louisa leaves both of them speechless.
"The sound of her laughter was so crystal clear, it was almost biblical. People sounded different in biblical times. As they had no noise back then, no cars, no airplanes, no traffic, they heard one another differently. She laughed out of joy. I started laughing out of fear. But we laughed together. Naked, on the bed laughing, desiring one another, still laughing..."

Written by Hamlet Sarkissian
Recording engineer: Blake Christian
Sound design & editing: Christopher Harvengt
Sound Mix: Charles Maynes
Original Score: Steve TheDeacon Hunter
Original Cover by Jonathan Davenport & Andrew Cremeans
Narrated by David Cooley
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Produced by Boovies Entertainemnt

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