In this premiere episode of "LOVERS IN THE FOG" PODCAST series, we're introduced to human rights attorney Luke Forsythe, who embarks on an obsessive s...View Details


In Episode 2, Luke Forsythe remembers the first encounter with Louisa 10 years ago in an 80s psychedelic nightclub in Brooklyn called "The Hole". ...View Details


Episode 3 of LOVERS IN THE FOG podcast series. The passionate encounter between Luke Forsythe and Louisa leaves both of them speechless."The sound of ...View Details


Episode 4 of LOVERS IN THE FOG podcast series.In this episode, Luke Forsythe gets pulled away by a highway patrolman."You'll remember when you pay thi...View Details


Episode 5 of LOVERS IN THE FOG podcast series. Luke Forsythe's car is parked at Folly Beach in Charleston, South Carolina: "When your life is on the e...View Details


Episode 6 of LOVERS IN THE FOG podcast series. Luke Forsythe is in the 80s Gorbachev era Russia. During a fake birthday party celebration, the disside...View Details


Episode 7 of LOVERS IN THE FOG Podcast series. Luke gets kidnapped by undercover KGB agents, interrogated and tortured, then expelled from the Soviet ...View Details


Episode 8 of LOVERS IN THE FOG Podcast series. Luke Forsythe meets Louisa for the second time. The two lovers meet on a pier the next day where they e...View Details


10 years later, Luke is driving on the Chesapeake Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia, reflecting on if Odysseus was in love with Calypso or Penelope. Marina ca...View Details


Margaret organized a surprise birthday party for Luke. 10 years ago, on their way to Bear Mountain State Park, Luke and Louisa park their car in the m...View Details

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